Xiaoxuan Electromechanical is a high-tech enterprise that innovative servo direct drive wire drawing technology,has a number of patents. The company's core team has been committed to upgrading equipment technology, improving production processes, and improving production sites in the metal products industry for nearly 20 years. Today, with the changing demands of production users and market environment, Xiaoxuan Electromechanical has successfully applied servo direct drive technology to the field of wire drawing equipment, and developed a new generation of servo direct drive wire drawing machine production lines, direct drive series of water tank wire drawing equipment, gas shielded welding wire drawing and high-speed copper plating integrated production lines, bead wire drawing and high-speed copper plating integrated production lines, steel wire surface treatment equipment, and related auxiliary equipment, This equipment is used in agriculture, automobiles, basic materials, consumer goods, energy and public utilities, equipment, welding materials, construction, and other fields.


  • Xiaoxuan Brand Concept

  • Xiaoxuan “Cattle” Spirit

  • Xiaoxuan Product Evolution

  • Xiaoxuan Productization

  • Xiaoxuan Pattern Evolution

  • Xiaoxuan brand concept

    Values Win-win cooperation Help others and achieve yourself
    Mission Realize industrial civilization through technological innovation
    Vision Xiaoxuan work with you for a better future

    Xiaoxuan “cattle”spirit

    Pioneer cattle Brave and fearless Bold and innovative Dare to be the *
    Child cattle Smart and powerful Be willing to give Help others and achieve yourself
    Old scalper Benevolent and great Be honest and trustworthy Keep fighting

    Xiaoxuan product evolution

    Electrification of machinery Equipping of process Intelligence of equipment
    Intelligence of equipment Standardization of products

    Xiaoxuan productization

    Replacement and repair replacement instead of repair
    Operation directly
    Assemble Installation instead of equipping

    Xiaoxuan pattern evolution

    Character evolution We are both a manufacturer and operator of equipment
    Alignment product innovation+alliances and win-wins prevent industrial desertification

  • Enterprise history

  • 2011
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • Started to develop the * generation permanent magnetdirect drive motor based on knowledgement of wire drawing process.

  • Started to develop second generation permanent magnet SDT motor with protection degree of lP65 by accurate analysis on the operational features of motor.

  • Established Shanghai Xiaoxuan M&E Technology Co.,Ltd. and reintegrated resources to develope new generation permanent magnet SDT wire drawing machine.

  • Showed up on Wire China Exhibition and SDT wire drawing machine was applicable to fields of zinc coating wire, steel cordwire, bead wire and welding wire since then.

  • Started mass production of customized SDT wire drawing machines which spreadly applicated in fields of steel rope,welding wire and electrodes.Developped the high speed copper coating welding wire production line and mass applicate to welding wire field.

  • Developped the * 132KW permanet magnet SDT motor applicable for dia.1200mm wire drawing machine and applied on PC strands field.

  • Developped full wire drawing line ZQ9/1200 with permanet magnet SDT technology and high speed welding wire drawing machine with steady working speed reach 28m/s.

  • Developped high speed wire drawing machine with permanet magnet SDT technology with designed speed of 20m/s and applied on steel cord field.

  • New plant will be opened and renovation of SDT techology will be continued. Zhixuan was established as the international sale department of Xiaoxuan.

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