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Servo direct drive technology (SDT) wire drawing machine is the world's * widely realized motor and block connection wire drawing machine, has advantages in energy consumption, efficiency, maintenance, replacement of transmission, belt, brake parts and other aspects. Symmetrical integrated design, energy saving 20%, saving space 50%, saving maintenance 40%. This machine is widely used in high, medium and low carbon steel wire, steel cord, bead wire, wire, welding wire, galvanized wire, s

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Welding wire drawing machine equipment is a complete set of welding wire production process integration equipment, from raw materials to wire molding in the same equipment, a high degree of automation, the whole production line only needs one person to operate, high efficiency and energy saving, is a new generation of innovative products.

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Mainly used in household goods, medical supplies, sports and entertainment equipment, textiles, such as binding steel wire; Handle wire; Steel wire for cable and pipe strengthening; Champagne plug wire; Mattress wire; Nickel-plated steel wire; Steel wire for wire balls; Riding nail wire; Wire for hanger and hanger hooks; Steel wire for kitchen utensils; Steel wire for medical instruments; Fish hook wire; Entertainment equipment steel rope; Back hook wire and so on

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Mainly used in seat components, door components, windshield, transmission system, chassis system, tires, such as seat back insulation wire; Door sheath steel wire; Door brake cable; Lock spring and brake spring; Wiper parts of the wire; Sun shield steel wire; Bearing steel wire; Suspension spring steel wire; Bead wire; Steel cord; Brake cable and so on

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Mainly used in fencing, fishing and animal feeding, gardening, such as galvanized fence wire; Low carbon fence wire; Fence wire; Universal wire rope; Rockfall protection wire rope; Fishing line; Hexagonal fence net; Aquaculture cage coated steel wire; Chicken and rabbit cage steel wire; Universal rope wire; Tomato hook wire; Vineyard wire and so on

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Mainly used in building products, concrete reinforcement, fences, roads and Bridges, elevators, such as ceiling suspension system with steel wire; Building galvanized nail; Steel wire for roof fixing; Galvanized wire rope of steel structure; Structural cable; Welding mesh; Industrial floor steel fiber; Precast steel fiber; Mining steel fiber; Tunnel engineering steel fiber; High security fence; Steel strands of cable-stayed Bridges; Prestressed steel strand; Elevator rope and so on

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It mainly refers to carbon dioxide gas shielded welding wire, welding rod, submerged arc welding wire, flux-cored welding wire, aluminum welding wire, stainless steel welding wire, etc

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Mainly used in brush steel wire, equipment manufacturing accessories, equipment (equipment) parts, welding materials, such as industrial and grinding brush steel wire; Filter material; Wire for hoisting crane ropes; Steel wire for rope in mines (underground and surface mining); Circlip (retaining ring) steel wire; Coiled nail line; Carbon dioxide gas welding wire; Welding rod; Submerged arc welding wire; Flux-cored welding wire; Aluminum welding wire; Stainless steel welding wire and so on

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Mainly used in polymer processing materials, textiles, transportation/transportation/cleaning, paper packaging materials, such as flexible hose wire; Stainless steel fibers for anti-cutting textiles; Steel wire rope for conveyor belt; Airport runway snow brush; Street sweeping brush wire; Steel cord for rubber track reinforcement; Packing steel wire; Box nailed to wire and so on

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It is mainly used in alternative energy, oil drilling platform, cable wire, such as cold-drawn special-shaped spring wire; Cutting steel wire; Diamond bus; Hose wire; Anchorage rope wire (offshore oil drilling facilities); Cable armored steel wire; Armored steel wire for umbilical cables; Steel core aluminum stranded wire; Steel wire for submarine cables; Wire for cable reinforcement; Steel wire and stranded wire for suspension; Submarine cable wire and so on

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It mainly includes pay-off device, receiving device, dust removal device, drawing die, drawing powder, die box and other equipment

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