Jiangsu Zhixuan successfully signed 4 orders with PT INTIRODA MAKMUR in Indonesia
Source:江苏效玄机电科技有限公司  Time:2022-01-27  Page View:1422

 Where high-quality suppliers, can create a spring! Despite the deep impact of COVID-19 on the foreign trade industry, Jiangsu Zhixuan, as the international trade Department of Jiangsu Effect Xuanji Electric Technology Co., LTD., still signed four orders with PT INTIRODA MAKMUR of Indonesia during 2020-2021: two 10/560+SB600 drawing machines and two precision drawing machines. At present, it has been put into production and highly appreciated by customers.
Why are more customers willing to choose our Zhixuan wire drawing machine? Because Zhixuan has been responding to the "Made in China 2025" guiding ideology, actively apply its leadership to product technology research and development and innovation, optimize products while ensuring a stable supply chain for customers.
-- Innovative servo direct drive technology, the traditional reducer, pulley, brake system has been canceled to promote collaborative innovation in the same field of industry. Zhihyun wire drawing machine is equipped with LED display, smart electricity meter, RJ45 communication protocol, Internet of Things and other systems to promote digitalization, networking, intelligent toward the innovation-driven development road, for the remote operation guidance during the epidemic, it can provide technical support for normal operation of equipment!
Quality *. Servo direct drive motor has protection level IP65, to ensure the motor safety and reliability, the motor internal installation of temperature measuring device, at any time online detection and solve problems, adhere to the principle of quality, advocate advanced quality culture.
- Structure optimization. Drawing machine host, electrical control cabinet and operation table to achieve a unified standard design, three integration, appearance optimization will also reduce the area of the maximum range of 50%. Optimize the spatial layout of the machine, to achieve the purpose of improving quality and efficiency. More importantly, there is no need to have the wiring between the electrical cabinet and the equipment at the customer site, which provides great convenience for the remote operation of our equipment. Only the customer on the site connects a main power supply and water, gas, can realize a key start.
-- Green development. Zhixuan wire drawing machine with optional dust removal system, with dust extraction, fully closed structure, and equipped with safety lock and safety detection switch, high pressure clean table dust. The comprehensive implementation of clean production, create a clean and comfortable workshop environment, advocate green environmental protection.
- Put people *. Zhixuan wire drawing machine equipped with IC card management function, unified management of personnel production, improve work efficiency, avoid prolonging the working cycle.